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High Vibes Drinks

Twelve Below Classic Premium Tonic - 200ml

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Crisp and refreshing with a citrus twist, this delicate flavour profile makes the perfect companion for premium spirits to let them shine through.

Simply swap out soda or lemonade for this tonic, it's a great way to balance out sugar content. With only 11 calories and 2.4g of sugar per 100ml - this is a great tonic for our health conscious customers.

Don't worry - it's not filled with nasties either - it uses a dash of organic agave for sweetness. We know it's important to you - it's important to us too, which is why we only stock premium tonics.

Alcohol By Volume

ABV 0%

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What High Vibes Thinks

Clean and crisp, low cal, low sugar, naturally sweetened from organic agave, plus it tastes great and mixes well with our non-alcoholic gins. It's 4 thumbs up from us!