A Happier Hour Book Review

A Happier Hour Book Review

This is a great read for anyone who has asked themselves the questions, 'How can I live a joyful existence, without alcohol? How will I relax, socialise, or celebrate – without wine?'

If you are like me, the thought of a completely alcohol free life is a bit scary, okay I lie, it's a lot scary!! That's okay, any change is hard, even if we know the journey will be transformational. For some, the change will be completely removing alcohol from their lives, for others it will be occasionally swapping to non-alcoholic drinks. Whatever your decision, I am here to tell you, I am truly thriving and enjoying my non-alcoholic drinks! 

A Happier Hour is a heartfelt, moving, and inspiring story for anyone who has ever had to give up something they loved in order to get what they truly wanted.

When Rebecca Weller’s pounding, dehydrated head woke her at 3am, yet again, she stared at the ceiling, wondering why the hell she kept doing this to herself. 

At 39 years of age – and a Health Coach, no less – she knew better than to down several bottles of wine per week.  Her increasingly dysfunctional relationship with alcohol had to stop, but after decades of social drinking, she was terrified of what that might mean.

In sheer frustration, on a morning filled with regret and tears, she embarks on a 3-month sobriety experiment that becomes a quest for self-discovery, and ultimately, transforms her entire world.  

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. Going alcohol free can be a truly freeing experience and I honestly believe  it allows you to live your best life.

Love and high vibes,


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