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19/07/2023 Elevating Corporate Events in Melbourne: Introducing High Vibes Drinks
13/3/2023 Alcohol-free and living in the moment - Elise turns 40 in style 
18/10/22 High Vibes Drinks Takes a Stand For Mental Health Month
15/10/22 High Vibes Drinks Work With Local Community Groups
27/6/22 High Vibes Drinks Helping Mums Get Proactive on Sleep
15/6/22 New small business High Vibes Drinks attending their first Loch Festival
8/5/22 High Vibes Drinks Declares War on Soda Water
30/4/22 High Vibes Drinks Empowers Australians to get healthy



About High Vibes Drinks

High Vibes Drinks is a non-alcoholic drink company founded by Melbourne Mum Elise Calavetta who is passionate about challenging the Australian drinking culture and educating the community on the positive benefits of less alcohol.

High Vibes Drinks curates a quality range of non-alcoholic options as a way of encouraging Australians to drink less, while still remaining connected socially to their friends and family. Their focus is on great tasting products, healthy lifestyles and healthy, happy communities.

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Elise Calavetta
Founder High Vibes Drinks