High Vibes Drinks Work With Local Community Groups


High Vibes Drinks Works With Local Community Groups

15 October, 2022

Strong advocates for fostering healthy and empowered communities, High Vibes Drinks founders (Emily and Elise) are taking a grassroots approach to boldly challenge the Australian drinking culture.

For the rebranding launch of Manningham Netball, alongside Michelle Kleinert (Manningham Mayor), Hannah Mundy (Melbourne Vixens), High Vibes Drinks will be in attendance promoting healthier non-alcoholic alternatives.

Passionate Netballer and High Vibes Drinks Co-founder Elise Calavetta knows the positive role sport plays in the community but believes often this is overshadowed by the role alcohol has played at big sporting moments in history. “Alcohol has long been a part of sport, it has taken center stage at big events, used for commiserating losses or celebrating victories. I question if we really need alcohol to feature at sporting events, and is this really the message we want to be sending to our kids?”.

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and High Vibes Drinks Co-founder Emily Johnson added, “We’re sport and exercise enthusiasts, but most importantly we are Mums who want our kids learning and growing in healthy environments. The club environment is a big consideration for parents, clubs which take the focus off alcohol are going to be the clubs of the future, and these are the communities we want to work with, support and be part of”. 

High Vibes Drinks will be offering free tastings at the official launch of Manningham Netball Saturday October 22nd 2022.

For those interested more information is available online at highvibesdrinks.com.au and @high_vibes_drinks


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About High Vibes Drinks

High Vibes Drinks is a non-alcoholic drink company founded by two Melbourne friends passionate about challenging the Australian drinking culture and educating the community on the positive benefits of less alcohol.

High Vibes Drinks curates a quality range of non-alcoholic options as a way of encouraging Australians to drink less, while still remaining connected socially to their friends and family. Their focus is on great tasting products, healthy lifestyles and healthy, happy communities.

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