Why Go Alcohol-Free?

There are so many reasons to cut back on alcohol consumption. Now we're not saying you need to give up alcohol completely, but there are some obvious benefits to a little less alcohol in our life:

 ✔️ Sleep better - We all know that feeling, you've had a couple and you think how  relaxed and sleepy you feel only to endure a restless night's sleep.

 ✔️ More energy - You've got dreams, and things to achieve. Take out the alcohol, combine this with increased sleep and you'll be getting more out of your day! Who wouldn't want to get more done and live life more fully!

 ✔️ Heightened senses - Everything in life is better without alcohol and it's numbing sensation. You are more in your body, everything tastes better, smells better, looks clearer, and feels better. It's life's most natural high!

 ✔️ More calm and patient - We all get a bit snappy after a night on the booze. This is because alcohol heightens our anxiety and hence our fight and flight response. It's nice to know you can still have a great night, and be your best self around the people you love most. 

 ✔️ Boost creativity - Contrary to popular belief, alcohol impacts creativity.  It can zap your motivation towards doing things that are creative, and create a foggy mind which actual hinders creativity. True creatives know that creativity loves focus, endurance and abstract thinking. It does not love alcohol.

✔️ Increase flow -  Being in the zone, comes from concentrating so deeply that you don't even realize the euphoric state you're in. It is an optimal state of mind in which we feel and perform our best with effortless ease. It's hard to tap into that lovely state of flow when your mind is foggy.

 ✔️ Better physical health - Simply reducing alcoholic drinks will improve your physical health and reduce risks for many of Australia's most common lifestyle diseases.

 ✔️ Make healthier food choices - No snaccidents after a night on your favorite non-alcoholic drinks. You won't need to worry about letting your guard down with that cheeky souvlaki when you choose non-alcoholic drinks. It's a double win for your health.

✔️ Improved mental health - Alcohol is a depressant drug that can cause anxiety, stress and depression. Incidence of anxiety and depression are higher amongst drinkers, and drinking is higher amongst people who experience alcohol problems. Reducing your alcohol is the simplest way to improve mental health.

✔️ Improved spiritual health - Reducing alcohol and it's numbing effect will also improve your spiritual health by keeping you connected to yourself and own consciousness. It will help you vibrate at a higher level. Sounds too good to be true!

✔️ Reduce risk of dependency - Binge drinking and 'grey area drinking' both risk factors to developing dependency issues. It's best to avoid binge drinking by staying within national guidelines and reducing alcohol consumption. Even if you feel like you're drinking is under control right now, you can never guarantee that it will be that way for ever, so it's best to be mindful of your choices always.

Breaking that nightly habit of just one or two alcoholic drinks makes everything that much better. We believe non-alcoholic drinks provide the best of both worlds. You can still have Friday night drinks with the girls while still being able to keep up with the kids the next day. You can still enjoy your Saturday night out, without sabotaging your Sunday morning run. You can have that Sunday session with your mates while leaving you fresh to start the week with a bang on Monday. It's all up to you.

Don't leave life to chance, start living your best life today! Choose mindful drinking. Choose non-alcoholic options.