We are here with one mission - To make every day great! We believe you can have a great time today enjoying delicious drinks, whilst leaving room to do all the amazing things you want to do tomorrow.

Let’s face it, we are a nation of people who like to celebrate, we like to socialise, and we like something that tastes more special than water when we do it. Not that there is anything wrong with water. We love water! We just know that sometimes we all get sick of it and want to reach for a different option that will enable us to still be at our best tomorrow.

We know that you don’t need alcohol to have a great time, sometimes you might want it, and that’s fine too. But if you’re like us and know you vibrate at your highest without alcohol – we want you to feel great about that choice. Even if it’s only sometimes. We don’t ever want you to feel like you’re missing out just because you’re having an alcohol-free day, so we are here to make it easy for you. Simple as that!




We are two Aussie Mum’s who love being active, and strive to live our best, healthiest lives. We’re not perfect, but we do love our kids and want to be our best selves for them. We don't think this makes us remarkable - because we know this is what you want too.

We’ve been friends for over 27 years, we went to school together, train together, play sport together and have worked together. We are at our best when we are out there experiencing life, being active, having adventures and trying new things.

We both have kids and understand the targeting of young mums by the alcohol industry. The 'Mummy needs a wine' culture has been cultivated over the last decade, and is causing harm throughout Australian families and communities. We see this, we feel this, and we want to do better. Our instincts tell us that we want to make more conscious choices, and we want to help make it easier for you do that too. We're not about perfection, we gave up on that year's ago. We know that everyone is on their own journey. But if part of that journey is enjoying more alcohol-free day's, then we are on the same team.

We share values of deep health that go beyond diet, exercise and low calories. We live and breathe health and doing just a little bit better. You'll sometimes find us getting excited about a whole host of 'woo woo' things things like resilience building, gratitude, empathy, meditating and mindfulness.

We know that reducing our alcohol consumption helps us vibrate at a higher level, and hence the idea of 'High Vibes Drinks' was born.