Alcohol-free and living in the moment - Elise turns 40 in style



13 March, 2023

In recent weeks, Founder Elise Calavetta celebrated her 40th Birthday in style. There was no question, that there were going to be plenty of non-alcoholic options to choose from.

Turns out that alcohol doesn’t make you more fun! And you can have an absolutely kick-ass time without it.

Elise was glowing after the celebration "I had the best time celebrating my 40th, I enjoyed delicious food and drink, danced up a storm, posed for hilarious photos and I did it all alcohol free. Best of all, I didn't feel like I was missing out, I was loving my Smug Mojitos and the new Altina Kakadu Plum Rose." 

Elise's guests enjoyed a mixture of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options without the need for any awkward conversations around who was and wasn’t drinking. It was an inclusive event, which meant everyone had a blast! Even the DJ was vibing the alcohol-free SMUG Mojitos.

The famous Marian, a 70 year old CrossFit buddy of Elise, loved the non-alcoholic options. Marian commented “I had three glasses of this Kakadu Plum Rose’ last night – hmmmm delicious”.

When asked about her night of alcohol-free celebration Elise boasted "I was the last one on the dance floor, full of energy and best of all still looking glamorous! After everyone had left, I was on such a natural high I sat eating more cake, living completely in that moment, reflecting on how blessed I am to have such an amazing tribe. Had I been drinking, chances are I wouldn't have been looking so glamorous at the end of the night and I would have flopped into bed, unappreciative of how lucky I am".

Elise's main take-out was that celebrating alcohol-free truly does make you more appreciative of the people around you, and creates an environment where you can have deeper, better connections with those around you.

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About High Vibes Drinks

High Vibes Drinks is a non-alcoholic drink company founded by Melbourne Mum Elise Calavetta who is passionate about challenging the Australian drinking culture and educating the community on the positive benefits of less alcohol.

High Vibes Drinks curates a quality range of non-alcoholic options as a way of encouraging Australians to drink less, while still remaining connected socially to their friends and family. Their focus is on great tasting products, healthy lifestyles and healthy, happy communities.

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