High Vibes Drinks Takes a Stand For Mental Health Month


High Vibes Drinks Takes a Stand For Mental Health Month 

18 October, 2022

High Vibes Drinks is taking a stand this October for Mental Health Awareness month calling on Australians to understand how alcohol affects their mental health.

Strong advocate for positive mental health, High Vibes Drinks founder Elise is boldly challenging Australian drinking culture with a range of mental health research, tools and tips that create awareness and prompt action.

Elise Calavetta explains, “Many people are unaware that alcohol is known to cause anxiety and increase stress. It can negatively affect one’s thoughts and feelings and contribute to the worsening of mental health issues over time, and with 30-50% of people with alcohol issues also experiencing a mental health condition, I feel compelled to do something”.

Calavetta, who has lived experience with mental health continues, “I know first-hand how alcohol negativity affects mental health. This is more than a drinks business for me, it is an extension of who I am and my lived experiences. I am confident that by raising awareness of the negative impacts that alcohol has on mental health I can help others.”

High Vibes Drinks goes past creating awareness and calls upon Australians to take proactive steps to nurture their mental health and wellbeing this October. 

Calavetta encourages people to take charge of both their physical and mental health saying, "it’s not enough to know about the mental health challenges our communities face, we need real action, and that includes a commitment to the daily practices that promote mental wellness”.

Australians need to normalise non-drinking culture to improve the mental health of our communities.

For those interested more information is available online at highvibesdrinks.com.au and @high_vibes_drinks


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About High Vibes Drinks

High Vibes Drinks is a non-alcoholic drink company founded by Melbourne Mum Elise Calavetta who is passionate about challenging the Australian drinking culture and educating the community on the positive benefits of less alcohol.

High Vibes Drinks curates a quality range of non-alcoholic options as a way of encouraging Australians to drink less, while still remaining connected socially to their friends and family. Their focus is on great tasting products, healthy lifestyles and healthy, happy communities.

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