High Vibes Drinks Empowers Australians to Get Healthy


High Vibes Drinks Empowers Australians to Get Healthy

March, 2022

High Vibes Drinks takes a stand on alcohol and launches its non-alcoholic drinks business.

With a comprehensive range of non-alcoholic wine, non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic cider, non-alcoholic cocktails and non-alcoholic spirits, the Melbourne online drinks retailer aims to promote a healthier lifestyle among Australians.

When asked why promote non-alcoholic drinks within an alcohol obsessed culture, founder Elise Calavetta stated, “I know Aussies like to drink, and I'm not scared of that, because I know deep down that Australians also enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle.”

“I know over the coming years many Aussies will make the switch to low or no alcoholic alternatives, for at least some of the time, and that’s what I am here to do - give amazing options, to make that choice to reduce alcohol consumption easier.”

Calavetta continued, "Let's face it, us Aussies like to socialise and this is normally done with a drink in hand. I want to provide a healthier way socialise,  so that Aussies can have their beer and drink it too.”

But it goes further than merely health benefits for Calavetta. Her career long experience in the not-for-profit sector, provides a unique insight into the societal impacts of alcohol.

When asked why start this business, Calavetta replied; “I’m really passionate about building healthy, happy communities, and it takes the whole community to help solve this problem that over consumption of alcohol is causing. I will be looking for ways in which we can engage our local community and have impact on Australia’s drinking habits.”


About High Vibes Drinks

High Vibes Drinks is a non-alcoholic drink company founded by Melbourne Mum Elise Calavetta who is passionate about challenging the Australian drinking culture and educating the community on the positive benefits of less alcohol.

High Vibes Drinks curates a quality range of non-alcoholic options as a way of encouraging Australians to drink less, while still remaining connected socially to their friends and family. Their focus is on great tasting products, healthy lifestyles and healthy, happy communities.

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Elise Calavetta
Founder High Vibes Drinks