Sex in the City girls rocking the non-alcoholic wine!!!!

Sex in the City girls rocking the non-alcoholic wine!!!!

Did you grow up watching Sex in the City? Are you a big fan like us?

Here at High Vibes Drinks we were ecstatic when we discovered that our fav show, Sex in the City was coming back to our TV screens.

It graced our screens with the new name, 'And Just Like That', still featuring the old crew having the same fun times, lots of laughs, plus a few more wrinkles.

BUT….!!!!! Did you see the part where Carrie Bradshaw (the main character played by Sarah-Jessica Parker) proudly displays her bottle of non-alcoholic wine!!!!

Cue the party poppers and confetti! We are ecstatic here at High Vibes Drinks!

Here are some women who love to have fun, but also know that is doesn’t always have to involve alcohol. That’s right, our best days are often our alcohol-free days (AF Days for short), and they are full of excitement and fun. In fact, here at High Vibes Drinks we think you can actually have more fun, vibrate higher today and still be fresh tomorrow by choosing our lovely non-alcoholic drinks.

When we started High Vibes Drinks, we were on a mission, we wanted to build healthy communities who know you don’t need the booze to have fun. We know that non-alcoholic drinks can still be sexy, and that you can still enjoy your alcohol-free day.

Being two sexy women who love our non-alcoholic options, we were ecstatic to see other women setting the example and bringing the sexy back to non-alcoholic wine. What more endorsement do you need?

Make every day great!

Elise x

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