Sip with Confidence: 5 Non-Alcoholic Wines That Genuinely Taste Like Wine!

Sip with Confidence: 5 Non-Alcoholic Wines That Genuinely Taste Like Wine!


So, I often get asked about my favourite non-alcoholic wines that truly capture the essence of wine, and boy, have things changed over the last few years for the better! Gone are the days when non-alcoholic wine tasted like plain grape juice. Modern techniques have come a long way, and I'm thrilled to tell you that even seasoned wine enthusiasts will be pleasantly surprised by how good non-alcoholic wine tastes nowadays.

What is non-alcoholic wine?
If you're wondering what exactly non-alcoholic wine is, it's simply wine without the alcohol and typically has an ABV of 0.5% or less. With more and more Aussies seeking healthier lifestyles, there's been a shift in drinking habits, and non-alcoholic wines have become increasingly popular. The best part? You can now enjoy non-alcoholic wines anywhere, anytime, without worrying about needing an Uber home.

Curious about how non-alcoholic wine is made?
It might come as a surprise, but it's true that many alcoholic wines have a portion of the alcohol removed. There are various reasons for this practice, including government compliance, industry standards, achieving a balanced flavour profile, or ensuring consistency within the different wine varieties.

There are three main methods to remove alcohol from wine. First, we have The Spinning Cone method, a more advanced form of vacuum distillation using rapidly spinning cones to provide a gentle and speedy result. Then, there's Reverse Osmosis (or Cold Filtration), which involves filtering out the alcohol. Lastly, there's Vacuum Distillation, where the wine is gently warmed to a low temperature in an airless vacuum.

Regardless of the technique used, expert winemakers still make non-alcoholic wine just like they do with the alcoholic version, using the same varietal grapes. This means that your non-alcoholic wine will still have the same fantastic flavors, colors, and aromas as its alcoholic counterpart.

But does non-alcoholic wine actually taste like wine?
That's the big question everyone has when they first hear about it. Well, I've got some fantastic news for you—it absolutely does! When the alcohol is removed, the taste remains unchanged, but what you get is a healthier drink that's lower in calories and sugar. Win Win!

Now that we've established that non-alcoholic wine tastes like the real deal, let me share my list of the best non-alcoholic wines in Melbourne. Get ready to elevate your next non-alcoholic wine party with these delightful picks! Cheers! Elise 🍷


1920 Pinot Grigio

Produced from Pinot Grigio fruit grown in selected vineyards of South Eastern Australia. Produced under controlled temperature conditions to create a light, crisp and refreshing profile.

This classic Pinot Grigio style has notes of fresh Nashi Pear and hints of apple and lemon for a textured elegant palate and well founded finish.



Next Destination Barossa Valley Shiraz

This non-alcoholic Shiraz from the Barossa Valley has sophisticated notes of dark chocolate, ripe berries and a delicate undertone of new French oak. It is dry, with no sweetness as all good Shiraz varieties should be. Next Destination Barossa Valley has a velvety smooth finish, with complex layered tannins, which makes it stand out from all the other non-alcoholic red wines.

The Next Destination 2019 Barossa Valley Shiraz started as a premium alcoholic Shiraz, selected for its exceptional vintage and varietal. The alcohol has then been expertly removed resulting in an unmatched authentic flavour. Best of all it is also vegan friendly and low in sugar.



Altina Kakadu Plum Rose' Non-Alcoholic

The perfect Rosé blend of premium de-alcoholised Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Native Australian Kakadu Plum. A refreshing bouquet of just-ripe strawberry and subtle pink rose. A crisp, dry finish, with a hint of spice.

Altina gently remove the alcohol from premium Australian wine and blend it with health-giving botanicals to create a complex, delicious non-alc. Rosé experience. The Rosé tasting experience is nuanced and layered. Delicious flavours build in complexity as you sip on your Rosé. Altina wine combine the ritual and theatre of wine with the discovery of new natural ingredients.



Plus & Minus Prosecco Can

The Plus & Minus range of wines have been uniquely hand-crafted using only high-quality grapes from premium, dry-grown South Australian vineyards. This ensures the resultant wines remain vibrant and full-flavoured once the process of removing the alcohol has been completed.

A delicious non-alcoholic Prosecco, a profusion of citrus and just-cut apple on the nose. A softly effervescent palate that delivers a firm weight with great fruit flavour. Perfect for any occasion with a touch of sweet fruit and a cleansing acidity on the finish. Chill well and serve as an aperitif or with a variety of cuisines


Vinada Sparkling Rose

This sparkling wine tastes great, as the bubbles titillate and refresh your senses. Very suitable for moments when you fancy a glass of wine and you, for whatever reason, won’t, can’t or shouldn't drink alcohol.

 A conscious option - and with only 22 kcal per 100 ml it will be less on the hips. With its origin in the Spanish wine-growing region La Mancha, our VINADA® Rosé is made from a unique mixture of Tempranillo grapes.

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