Toolkit for a booze free month

Toolkit for a booze free month


Written by Elise Calavetta - Co-owner, High Vibes Drinks.


I am so excited you are here. No matter the path that lead you here, you will not regret taking a month break from alcohol. Weather you aim is to take more control, become a more mindful drinker or to give up for good, you've got this!

As you read about the tips and strategies to get you through a month AF (alcohol-free) I want you to remember; 

Its not about what you are giving up, but about what you can gain!


1.  Know Your Why

Start to think about why you want to take a month off alcohol. Start a journal and write this down as its good to refer back to in times of doubt. Include what you hope to accomplish, or how you would like to feel over the month. You can also used this journal to track your moods, energy levels and sleep. Try writing one thing you are grateful for each day.


2. Mix Up Your Routine

Think about the times you would normally have an alcoholic drink and find something new to do during this time. If you normally have a drink after putting the kids to bed or Friday night drinks after work then change up your routine during this time. Consider going for a run instead or having a long salt bath with a good book.


3. Be Aware Of Cravings

Chances are you will experience some cravings during your AF period, know this is completely normal. Take comfort in knowing that a craving typically only last for 5 - 20 minuets at a time. There are many ways to cope with cravings and you might have to explore a few to determine what works best for you. You can try distracting yourself by calling a friend, going for a walk or reading a book. You can stay present, be aware of what you are thinking and feeling and write it down in your journal.  


4. Practice Self-Care

It is key that we take care of ourselves as we explore this new path, self-care and self-awareness are extremely important. Make the time to have those new adventures and have some 'you' time. You are giving yourself the gift of time, no more wasted mornings hungover, this is your time to shine!

Another form of self-care is to listen to your body and act accordingly. One of the tools you can use is HALT. This handy acronym will remind you to take a moment (HALT) and ask yourself if you are feeling Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. While this might seem simple enough, you are actually susceptible to self-destructive behaviors when these basic needs are unmet, this includes drinking. Fortunately the HALT's are easy to address, you just need to listen to your body.


5. Get Moving

During this time you should start to sleep better and should be feeling great. So get out there and get your body moving. Any form of movement will do, long walks, hitting the gym or bike rides with the kids. All of these will boost your dopamine levels and give you that feel good feeling.


6. Get Support

Support will keep you motivated and provide connection with like minded people. You could choose to go AF with a friend or join a Facebook group/online community. You may decide that you want to read some self help books or further your understanding on the way alcohol effects us. 

If you have decided that your relationship with alcohol has become unhealthy and you want to explore sobriety more permanently, there are some great resources out there. I would first recommend talking to your GP and/ or a Psychologist. Other services could include those focusing on 'grey area drinking' or 'addiction'.

This Naked Mind is a positive solution that gives you freedom in your relationship with alcohol. Allowing you to look at your drinking without fear. Empowering you with the tools that give you your power back, enabling you to decide what is right for you – without illogical cravings or irrepressible urges.

Cuppa Community is a place for you to share, get advice and meet people that have decided to ditch alcohol. Cuppa is your online place to connect with the sober world.  

Thrivalist Sobriety is the most supportive and empowering online community for sober-curious women. Using proven, cutting-edge approaches, their courses inspire and empower women worldwide of all ages and backgrounds to find freedom from alcohol, step into their incredible power, and reignite their lives. 


7. Stock Up On AF Drinks

It is much easier to resist temptation when you already have a delicious alternative. Often just having an alternative adult-like beverage will help avoid any feelings of missing out and keep you on track.

 High Vibes Drinks is the best AF store going round 😊


I get it, because I have been there. Often alcohol starts taking more from your life then what it gives, there comes a time where it is no longer serving you. Take a leap of faith and give an AF month a try!

Trust me, you are not giving up anything, but gaining so much. 

Love and sober vibes,

Elise xx



Depending on your level of alcohol consumption it could be dangerous for you to stop without medial assistance. This is an opinion piece and is not intended to be taken as medical advice. Please speak with your GP for health advice.  


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