Corporate Enquiries


Have you got a community of people who are always on the lookout for healthier options? We're on a mission to challenge Australia's drinking culture. Our non-alcoholic options are perfect for people training for competitions, events or simply trying to get into shape and be their best.

Create a culture in your club that doesn't revolve around alcohol.

We love doing tastings at gyms, sporting events and clubs who are interested in creating a healthy, family friendly culture. Ask us to come and do a tasting at your next event and we can help normalize healthy living. Email us at to find out more.


Are you having an intimate gathering of 10 or more people and looking for something a little fun to do? We offer non-alcoholic group tastings that inspire inclusion and fun in a healthy way. To find out more email us at


Are you hosting a high tea, baby shower, family friendly event or simply want some non-alcoholic options at your next event?

Talk to us about what you're thinking, how many guests you'll have and what your guests might like and let us come up with some options for your big event.

Simply email us at to start the conversation.


Ensuring everyone feels catered for is a challenge. At High Vibes Drinks we want to make sure everyone is included. We make the challenge of catering easier with our range of non-alcoholic wine, beer, spirits and cocktails.

After work drinks? Program launches? Corporate lunches? Team building days? If you're catering for your workplace and want some more inclusive options, or if you simply want to have an alcohol-free event during business hours, reach out and we can work with you on a solution.

Email us at to find out more.


We all want to find the perfect corporate gifts for clients, staff, partners, and customers. Sensitivity to life stage, addiction and cultural backgrounds is an important consideration for businesses.

We can help you choose some non-alcoholic options to go in your gifts so you can feel good about giving a gift that will be well received. We can also help with the packaging if you need us to create non-alcoholic gift packs for your team.

Simply email us at and tell us what you were thinking.