High Vibes Drinks Helping Mums Get Proactive on Sleep

High Vibes Drinks helping Mums get proactive on sleep

With 90% of new parents reporting lack of sleep, and moderate alcohol consumption impacting sleep quality by 24%, two local Mums set out to make a difference, through their new alcohol-free drinks business High Vibes Drinks.

Specialising in non-alcoholic wine, beer, spirits and cocktails, the business was launched in March 2022 by two Melbourne Mums Elise Calavetta and Emily Johnson who are creating awareness around the health and social consequences of drinking.

We’re not trying to be too preachy about health as we know everyone’s reasons for taking a break from alcohol can be quite different, but with new parents getting on average only four hours and forty four minutes of sleep we feel compelled to act. Limited sleep combined with how alcohol affects your ability to stay asleep, means that non- alcoholic options are perfect for Mum’s who still want to enjoy a social drink without the negative consequences”, said Calavetta.

The pair have a range of initiatives planned for this year, recently launching their tasting’s arm of the business.

Certified Infant Sleep and Wellbeing Specialist for Nurtured Infancy, Kara Wilson, connects new parents and promotes health and wellbeing by educating on topics such as sleep, pelvic floor care, physiotherapy, meditation, and wellness. Wilson welcomed High Vibes Drinks into her Parent Sleep and Wellbeing session with Heidelberg Playgroup for a non-alcoholic drinks tasting.

Wilson takes a holistic approach to sleep for entire families, commenting, “When I talk with families about their baby’s sleep challenges, I often find that their little one’s sleep bumpy patterns are actually biologically normal and healthy. It’s the poor parents who are struggling with sleep deprivation, so I work with them to support their physical and emotional wellbeing, improve their own sleep, and carve out more time for themselves and as a couple”.

We all know how alcohol can negatively impact sleep quality. So, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce the new parents in my playgroup to an alternative to alcohol when winding down at the end of a busy day with bub. It’s lovely to be able to enjoy a special drink (that tastes a lot like wine or beer!) with your partner or friends, without having to jeopardise your sleep. I just wish there were non-alcoholic drinks that were this good when my children were little”, said Wilson.

Co-owner, of High Vibes Drinks Emily Johnson spoke positively about their first tasting with new parents, “It was great to meet some new Mums, and see them enjoying some non-alcoholic Prosecco. Self-care is so critical for them – it’s important for them physically to have good nutrition and sleep quality, which helps with breastfeeding and overall wellbeing, but also socially to keep connected to other women going through similar life challenges. It's a space we can positively contribute to, and we are looking forward to doing more tastings with Mums”.

Health and connection lay at the heart of High Vibes Drinks approach, as they work towards a thriving and inclusive society that welcomes the choice not to drink. Johnson, remarks “We know connection is so important to new Mums and their mental wellness, so it’s important for us to provide a product that keeps people connected socially, we don’t tell people to give up having a social drink, but to simply replace it with a non-alcoholic option”.