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Altina Pepperberry Shiraz Non-Alcoholic

Altina Pepperberry Shiraz Non-Alcoholic

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The perfect Shiraz blend of premium de-alcoholised Shiraz and Native Australian Pepperberry. Bursting with juicy red fruits and a hint of dark chocolate. A dry, smooth finish, with notes of vanilla and layered lingering spice.

Altina gently remove the alcohol from premium Australian wine and blend it with health-giving botanicals to create a complex, delicious non-alc. Shiraz experience. The Shiraz tasting experience is nuanced and layered.  Delicious flavours build in complexity as you sip. Altina combine the ritual and theatre of wine with the discovery of new natural ingredients.

Serve in a red wine glass. After opening, refrigerate and consume within 2 days.

Pepperberry Shiraz Pairs Perfectly with chargrilled steak and roast vegetables. At home with an Italian pizza or pasta as much as it is with a rich, slow cooked meal.

Key Ingredients: De-alc Shiraz, Native Pepperberry, Dark Chocolate, Smooth Vanilla.
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This really is a luscious non-alc red. It's got depth and the hint of vanilla makes it a really enjoyable wine.

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