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Ultimate Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Pack

Ultimate Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Pack

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*Please note that SMUG Mojito is currently out of stock and is expected back late Feb. For a limited time, mixed packs will included the exciting limited edition flavour of SMUG Coconut Margarita aka Pina Colada! It’s delicious!

Everyone will love these incredible non-alcoholic cocktails. This pack includes 13 amazing cocktails to choose from.

  • PalomaPure Passion (of the fruit variety). We start tart with bold grapefruit and passionfruit flavours, then send in the refreshment with sweet citrus notes of finger lime, yuzu, and a pleasant tequila taste.
  • Mezcalita - With scents and flavour of fermented citrus, this mezcal-inspired punch tastes of sweet agave, mixed with elements of smoke and fresh berry. It’s smoky, rustic and juicy.
  • Classic G&T - A familiar taste with a modern twist. Bold tonic flavours swirl with well-rounded juniper and rosemary botanical undertones. 
  • Exotic Spice G&T- Traditional mix of gindulgent botanicals, cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices then finish with a tonic twist.
  • Cello Bella - With blended vodka-inspired taste and Amalfi lemon zest for something smacking with sherbet sweetness and terrifically tart undertones.
  • Stormy Royale - Sparked up classic Dark & Stormy with some espresso, bitters and smokey vanilla.
  • Spritz - Spiced-gin and vermouth tastes with Italian orange, grapefruit, aromatic rosemary, cherry and just a hint of espresso and smoked vanilla. 
  • 2 Margaritaa hint of lime citrus, a subtle tequila flavour (alcohol-free of course), balanced with smooth sweetness, a little salty finish, and even the warming sensation you expect from the real deal. 
  • 2 Mojitolight rum essence, with crisp garden mint, sharp lime, and refreshing bubbles. 
  • Cosmopolitan - perfectly balances the traditional sweet and sour flavours for a delicious drink. Including a complex mix of non-alcoholic spirits, cranberry and citrus flavours.
  • 1 Peach Bellini - made with real peach puree and non-alcoholic bubbles, this one is set to be your next celebration drink. 

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