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Heaps Normal Another Lager Non-Alcoholic Beer

Heaps Normal Another Lager Non-Alcoholic Beer

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Deep down we know that everyone loves a classic Aussie beer as much as they love summer, the smell of cut grass, the sound of cricket in the background on the radio, pouring ice into a full esky, knocking off work and having one off the wood at your local.

So we've created a classic Aussie non-alcoholic lager fit for the pub, pitch or pit. Another Lager is just that, but with no alcohol you'll get that quintessential, crisp lager experience without any of the downsides. It's a normal lager for heaps normal people.

It is  a full-flavoured, classic Australian beer made without alcohol. Crafted with a well-balanced combination of German Hallertau hops and Australian Ella hops, this non-alcoholic beer features malty flavours with soft floral and spice notes, a crisp mouthfeel and a refreshing, bitter finish. Another Larger is low calorie (19 calories per 100mls) and low in sugar (0.1g of sugar per 100mls). 

Another Lager was tested for gluten and none was detected. However, since we brew with malted barley there is a chance of slight batch to batch variations in gluten content so we don't make a gluten free claim.

Heaps Normal is a dedicated non-alcoholic Australian beer company, brewing beer without the hangover, so you can create your own epic new normal. The Heaps Normal story is based on the simple belief that there's things in life that are too good to be wasted.

Heaps Normal want to normalise mindful drinking by brewing non-alcoholic beer that tastes so good, you won't miss the alcohol. Whether you’re taking a night off or ditching the booze for life, Heaps Normal reckon it’s time to talk about something more the epic stuff you’re doing instead of getting wasted. Whether it’s burning the midnight oil or burning up the dancefloor, let’s challenge ourselves to tell better stories.

Heaps Normal currently make a classic XPA (Tropical and citrus aroma with a lingering and unmistakably beery finish), a Hazy Pale Ale (tropical sunshine in a can will take you halfway to a holiday) and a Lager (the most classic of classic beers). All of these beers are Vegan and some are Gluten Free.

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Smells and tastes just like a lager. Nothing fancy, just a great uncomplicated easy to drink, I dare say even "smashable'' beer. Beer and Pizza come at me!

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