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High Vibes Drinks

Lowlander Cool Earth Lager

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This Gluten-Free beer is botanically brewed 0.3% Cool Earth Lager with lemongrass. Clean & crisp hoppy pilsner with a subtle zesty zing.

Pair with:

A great match with both vibrant green-flavored fruits and vegetables, and fried, salty dishes.

Making a difference:

As members of 1% For the Planet, Lowlander support the Dutch Seagrass Restoration Project - for every Cool Earth Lager sold, they add a new plant to a seagrass meadow in the Wadden Sea. 

So whenever you feel like doing good while doing nothing more than enjoying yourself, have a Lowlander.


Alcohol By Volume

ABV <0.5%

Country of Origin


What High Vibes Thinks

This is a wonderful clean crisp lager! We love what lowlander is doing to give back!