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Mixed Non-Alcoholic Beer Slab

Mixed Non-Alcoholic Beer Slab

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Your guests will love you for providing some delicious non-alcoholic options for everyone to enjoy.

4x Nort IPA Lashings of citrus and grapefruit and a considered malt profile allows this non-alcoholic IPA to look, smell and taste like a 100% crafted, full flavoured IPA.

4x Heaps Normal Another Lager is  a full-flavoured, classic Australian beer made without alcohol. Crafted with a well-balanced combination of German Hallertau hops and Australian Ella hops, this non-alcoholic beer features malty flavours with soft floral and spice notes, a crisp mouthfeel and a refreshing, bitter finish.

4x PARC Pilsner is brewed with the highest quality Carapils and Munich malts, fresh Saaz hops, a special ultra-low-alcohol yeast, and pure water. That’s it. No additives, preservatives or other nasty stuff.

4x Upflow Pale Ale Malt and hops share the show here. Layers of Munich malt provides depth & complexity, with a caramel and cookie like toasted crunch. This is paired with lots of noble hops - Halletauer and Saaz from Europe bringing classic flavors back into the spotlight.

4x Big Drop Paradiso IPA This Paradiso IPA radiates citrus fruit from the moment you pour it to the second you finish that last sip with a satisfied sigh. The bright, sharp twist of bitterness on the end makes you want to dive back in for one more.

4x Mornington Free Pale Ale is brewed with a unique recipe to ferment to less than 0.5% ABV while retaining full-bodied taste and bold passionfruit and citrus aromas. Pouring light golden, this deliciously easy-going beer is balanced and refreshing with low bitterness.


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