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Ovant Verve Non-Alcoholic

Ovant Verve Non-Alcoholic

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APPEARANCE: Bright and clear lemon. Some residual natural oils and extracts appear on close inspection as a by-product of distillation.

NOSE: Overt herbaceous profile. Perfumed lemon myrtle shows a defined clarity and depth. White pepper notes offer a light punch with fragrant tulsi basil integrating to provide another layer of complexity.

PALATE: Forward herbal characters bring a clean, savoury quality. Spice characters give added structure. Palate is focused and driven.

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What We Think

We think this is a really high quality option to mix with other flavours. It's fresh and herbaceous. With no sugar, no sweeteners, no alcohol, while still creating sophisticated and refined flavour you know that a lot of love has gone into creating this product. This is such a natural product that you can enjoy it liberally with no hesitation.

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