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Plus & Minus Premium Chardonnay Non-Alcoholic

Plus & Minus Premium Chardonnay Non-Alcoholic

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The Premium range from Plus & Minus has been made with grapes sourced from premium vineyards in iconic South Australian wine regions. A pale yellow in colour, this non-alcoholic Chardonnay features aromas of stone fruit, melon and crisp apple along with notes of nutty integrated oak.

Plus & Minus Chardonnay is bursting with flavour, it’s creamy on the palate and has a touch of acidity on the finish. This wine is also vegan, low sugar and low calorie, and like all the wine in the Plus & Minus collection, this Chardonnay has been made with added grape skin extract for extra antioxidants.

Plus & Minus Drinks are an Australian non-alcoholic winemaking brand with the added benefits of antioxidants from grape seed extract. Their entire range has been expertly developed to include ingredients such as grape seed extract that is naturally rich in antioxidants.

The Plus & Minus Wine range has been uniquely hand-crafted using only premium high-quality grapes from, dry-grown South Australian vineyards. This ensures the alcohol-free wines remain vibrant and full-flavoured once the process of removing the alcohol has been completed.

These non-alcoholic wines don't rely on any artificial sweeteners to create a full-bodied and delicious wine. Best of all the Plus and Minus range are Vegan, low sugar and low in calories.

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