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Smug Mixed Pack - Non-Alcoholic 4 Pack

Smug Mixed Pack - Non-Alcoholic 4 Pack

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*Please note that SMUG Mojito is currently out of stock and is expected back late Feb. For a limited time, mixed packs will included the exciting limited edition flavour of SMUG Coconut Margarita aka Pina Colada! It’s delicious!

Bringing fabulousness into your life, without the boozy hangovers!

The SMUG cocktails perfectly balances the traditional flavours to create delicious non-alcoholic option. These include a complex mix of non-alcoholic spirits and fruits. You will be amazed how much this tastes like the alcoholic version.

These are nitrogen dosed, so shake these bad boys before opening, just like you would a cocktail shaker. This ignites the drink and gives you a smooth creamy consistency. 

The 4 pack includes one of each of the four varieties.

The 6 pack includes two of each of our best sellers (Margarita and Mojitos) and one of each of the newest varieties.

  • Margarita - a hint of lime citrus, a subtle tequila flavour (alcohol-free of course), balanced with smooth sweetness, a little salty finish, and even the warming sensation you expect from the real deal. 
  • Mojito - light rum essence, with crisp garden mint, sharp lime, and refreshing bubbles. 
  • Cosmopolitan - perfectly balances the traditional sweet and sour flavours for a delicious drink. Including a complex mix of non-alcoholic spirits, cranberry and citrus flavours.
  • Peach Bellini - made with real peach puree and non-alcoholic bubbles, this one is set to be your next celebration drink.

SMUG AF is a female own and operated independent Australian non-alcoholic cocktail distillery. The owner Loz, worked for over 12months to formulate and perfect her first drinks, with careful attention to every detail, matching the alcohol flavours and experience. Smug AF cocktails even replicate the mouthfeel and the warming sensation you get from drinking.

Smug AF have four quality non-alcoholic cocktails for you to enjoy; Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Peach Bellini and Margarita. These are made with premium ingredients and non-alcoholic spirits to bring authentic flavours and mouthfeel. Best of all these award-winning alcohol-free cocktails are low in calories and sugar.

Smug AF isn't about not drinking forever, it is about having choice and support for wherever you are on your alcohol-free journey. Committed to creating a community that encourages mindful drinking- however that looks for you; 100% sober, sober curious, intermittent drinker or otherwise. A safe and inclusive space to explore the alcohol-free movement and see how you feel.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Smug really is the best

Cannot fault any of these drinks, they're delicious and so similar to the real thing! Highly recommend the mixed pack so you can try a bit of everything. You won't be disappointed!

DJ Demi Sorono
I love Smug Mojito. So delish.

I love Smug Mojito. So delish.

It's Sweet

This cocktail was nice, but it was a little too sweet for me. My friend who likes Cosmos tried it and liked it.

So refreshing and delicious

Perfect for sipping by the pool on a hot summers day. Very refreshing and delicious.

Would absolutely recommend.

Smug Mojito - It is a fresh, balanced flavour with the added bonus of being alcohol free! Would absolutely recommend. A great alcohol free alternative.