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Yes You Can - Dark & Stormy Can

Yes You Can - Dark & Stormy Can

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Stormy with the chance of a clear head and no morning regrets. Best served on the rocks with a side of satisfaction… or enjoyed straight from the cool crisp can! 

To Taste: Razor sharp ginger is quick to commandeer the palate, before settling to allow zesty fresh lime to cut through. A smooth smoked applewood finishes the flavour as our Flashback gives the Yes You Can Dark & Stormy a late tingle to tickle your back palette.

These little cans of clarity have been meticulously crafted over many months - refining recipes alongside world class mixologists; capturing that slight back of throat burn; the mouth feel that hits all your tastebuds; the flavours that make you sip and savour (including our proprietary Yes You Can Flashback™ - the secret sauce to our liquid)

Whatever the reason for choosing to cut back on alcohol, Yes You Can offers a way to master your morning after or simply find the right balance on a big night out. Cheers to good nights and great mornings!

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This tastes like an alcoholic mixer. That slight heat gives this a real authentic feel.

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