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Yes You Can - Dark & Stormy Can

Yes You Can - Dark & Stormy Can

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Stormy with the chance of a clear head and no morning regrets. Best served on the rocks with a side of satisfaction… or enjoyed straight from the cool crisp can! 

To Taste: Razor sharp ginger is quick to commandeer the palate, before settling to allow zesty fresh lime to cut through. A smooth smoked applewood finishes the flavour as our Flashback gives the Yes You Can Dark & Stormy a late tingle to tickle your back palette.

Yes You Can drinks is a husband and wife own and operated independent Australian non-alcoholic cocktail distillery. The owners Tyler and Sophie worked alongside world class mixologists; capturing that slight back of throat burn; the mouth feel that hits all your tastebuds; the flavours that make you sip and savour (including our proprietary Yes You Can Flashback™ - the secret sauce to our liquid).

Yes You Can drinks have five quality non-alcoholic cocktails for you to enjoy; Dark & Stormy, Classic G & T, Aperol Spritz, Peach Bellini and Yuzu Sake. These are made with premium Australian ingredients to bring authentic flavours and mouthfeel.

The Yes You Can range have won over 15 International awards so you can forget the annoying cocktail kits and enjoy perfectly crafted multi-dimensional flavours straight from the can. Best of all these award-winning alcohol-free cocktails are made will all natural ingredients and are low in calories and sugar.

Yes You Can want everyone to embrace the new age of social drinking! Say YES to the night out and the drive home, to the Sunday afternoon BBQ, to a day, week, month or even just one can off! Cheers to good nights and great mornings!

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What We Think

This tastes like an alcoholic mixer. That slight heat gives this a real authentic feel.

Alcohol By Volume

ABV <0.5%

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect over ice and a slice of lime!

I'm not even kidding, it ACTUALLY tastes like a Dark & Stormy... minus the hangover. Seriously delish.

Tastes exactly like Candian Club and Dry, give it a go!

Very refreshing and tastes exactly like Candian Club and Dry, give it a go!