Collection: Next Destination Non-Alcoholic Wines

The Next Destination non-alcoholic wine range is an exclusive collection of premium non-alcoholic wines that offers the essence of renowned Australian wine destinations. Next Destination non-alcoholic wines are crafted from the finest grapes, the result being a premium alcohol-free wine that is authentic in flavour and mouthfeel.

All of the Next Destination alcohol free wines initially began as a high-quality alcoholic wines, carefully chosen for outstanding vintage and varietal characteristics. Through expert craftsmanship, the alcohol has been meticulously removed, preserving its authentic and unparalleled flavour.

Notably, this wine is vegan-friendly, low in sugar, and has minimal calories, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence.

The exquisite non-alcoholic Chardonnay, sourced from the prestigious McLaren Vale region, boasts a delicate profile, featuring a dry taste, velvety texture, and subtle oak tannins.

The non-alcoholic Shiraz from the Barossa Valley has sophisticated notes of dark chocolate, ripe berries and a delicate undertone of new French oak. It is dry, with no sweetness as all good Shiraz varieties should be. 

The non-alcoholic Blanc de Blanc is sourced from the prestigious Langhorne Creek grapes. Next Destination alcohol-free sparkling wine is refreshing and crisp, offering a medley of flavours including toasted brioche, delicate blossoms, and crisp green apple.

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