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UpFlow Brewery a dedicated non-alcoholic brewery, striving to craft the world’s best tasting beer, without alcohol. Authentically brewed in Australia, using the finest quality malt.  

Each UpFlow beer is authentically brewed, using only quality ingredients to ensure that the maximum flavour is crafted into each drop - when you drink UpFlow beer you can taste the Australian grain and succulent hops. They have carefully developed a unique process and control each step of every batch, to consistently deliver a highly drinkable, dry and refreshing result.

Their industry leading range of rehydration sports beers developed with Monash University, smash the preconceived idea of what a beer should be. The addition of carefully selected minerals, in combination with carbohydrates and water, provide low energy hydration, replacing lost electrolytes and nutrients to support recovery. For use any time you sweat, or whenever you feel like a refreshing dry beverage.

UpFlow beers enable you to celebrate the wins and hydrate your body’s losses. Enjoy your favourite beverage anytime of the day, with no downsides.  We like to think of it as beer with benefits. 

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